Thursday, June 24, 2010

The New Conan casting ... bad ... or really true to Howard's vision?

So whats the deal with the new Conan film?  There have been pictures floating around for months ... among others I've been following a great blog CROM! who has had it chronicled in detail for quite some time. But pictures of Jason Momoa are once again flying around the blog-o-sphere with typical internet comments (if you don't have something bad to say don't say anything ... net comment philosophy) ... chubby geeks making fun of the new Conan because he isn't as roided up as Arnie was in the late 70s. Well folks ... lets look at a few things shall we.  First lets look at the artwork representing Conan while Robert E. Howard was still alive.

In the 1960s artists like Frank Frazetta were depicting Conan as a much more muscular figure ... as the bounds of bodybuilding were pushed (thanks to human growth hormones) I guess that the concept of the male figure began to change somewhat.

The comic book era for Conan took the bigger more muscular look up into the post Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan film era. Where most people know Conan as a beefy, human growth hormone enhanced former Mr. Olympia type ... rather than the original more athletic Conan that Robert E. Howard envisioned 80 years ago. 

I personally think that Jason Momoa has A) more acting experience in related roles than Schwarzenegger did when he was cast in the role and B) has a look far truer to Howard's Conan than Schwarzenegger did. Also I think he did an ok job in Stargate Atlantis (by Arnie acting standards anyway). So why all the hate? Other than just pessimistic jerkiness ... few legitimate criticisms have been offered that I've seen. 

To me if people want to complain about something or predict failure on the basis of something about the film ... its the director Marcus Nispel who has done mostly B-film/horror film sequel  level work.

Again its ok to have nostalgia for the Arnie Conan ... I grew up on that stuff too ... I have fond memories of watching those movies as a kid with my dad. But I'm personally reserving judgment on the casting of Momoa ... at this point just because they didn't cast a bad accent roid freak in the role ... that to me means nothing ... if anything its a positive. I'm alot more concerned about story and production quality. At any rate if they do a good job and sort of reset the story a la Batman Begins ... then I'm stoked. I always love to see more fantasy films done and if these turn out decent ... wow ... we could be in for a trilogy (or more) of cool fantasy films based on the OG fantasy stories which along with Tolkien inspired most of the cool geeky shit we all know and love ...

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sonsoftaurus said...

I agree; he looks fine for the part. It's not like they're casting Jason Alexander.