Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kroot? Seriously?

Our gaming group delved into Dark Heresy for a very brief bit ... and have now moved into Rogue Trader. I love Dark Heresy ... if its played as an investigative story driven game and not just a mindless hack and slash fest ... its darn good. As for Rogue Trader we just did session one and have session two planned for Sunday. It went well and I'm excited thus far.

I see that Fantasy Flight has announced the second race in the new Into the Storm supplement and ... I have to say ... I'm disappointed. I was stoked to hear that they were going to do Ork Freebooters ... I was like ... hrmmm ... I don't really see how they'd work WITH human rogue traders ... I guess if they have an all Ork crew or something ... sweet (I'm still hoping that is the way they are played ... if not its going to be ultra lame and very much against the fluff). Then they announce that the second race is Kroot?!?! Huh?!?!?!  Why???? I can see eventually doing Kroot ... ok ... ya they are kinda cool. But why not diversify a bit ... why Orks and Kroot??? I'm going to buy it ... I love Orks ... always have and I'd love to play an all Ork crew. From the looks of it they are going to have various Ork classes so it should be that way.

For some reason I've always seen the Kroot as a race of Gungans ... not so slapstick ... but none the less kinda contrived and out of place. Anyway ... I hope there are more ships and gear, etc. for the standard RT game and I hope the next book is out soon ... because this one is kinda ... meh. Hopefully the Ork stuff rocks though and once its out I change my mind :)  Anyway Jar Jar ... erm ... Kroot ... are comin at us soon. Hmmm ... wonder what the warsphere stats are ... lol ... naw that's too big and cool to be included.

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