Sunday, February 28, 2010


What!! Do my eyes deceive me!

Fantasy flight games IS going to add a Space Marine role playing game to the Dark Heresy line!  WHOA!! Looks really hot! The release is "this summer" ...  It looks like the price will be 59.95 for the core book and I'm assuming it will be similar in size and scope to the Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader books. I'll be pre-ordering this one!!


Bodlar said...

Hey, awesome! I've been playing DH and it leaves something to be desired honestly. Would be fun to play at the full 40k level.

The Lord of Excess said...

Ya I think DH is a clean, generally well done system. The two times I've played it ... it was fun. But ya to me ... I mean the kind of 40K I'd like to play as a fanboy is more along the lines of the Space Wolf books, Ciaphas Cain, Storm Of Iron, Horus Heresy, Gaunt's Ghosts type stuff. Really cinematic over the top cool stuff. To me DH ... you start out as a super scrub in a dark and deadly universe ... if your fortunate enough to make it to like lvl 10 you can start to do some mildly cool shit ... otherwise your basically a weak nub who has to run alot and hide and if your game is anything along genre realistic lines ... you are not able to do really heroic/cinematic stuff. This is my complaint about most of the non-indie RPG systems out there these days.

Will said...

Its about time- everybody wants to play Space Marines in RPG! Maybe this will finally get the group down here to launch a DH campaign.