Friday, December 4, 2009

Another GW oriented FFG offering and quick updates

I know this system has been out for awhile however I thought I'd post about it because recently I was half tempted to start up Magic again ... but fortunately stumbled upon perhaps a less potentially destructive alternative over at Fantasy Flight Games.

I plan to pick up the core set and the first expansion. The way FFG has it laid out ... you could use it as a board game essentially ... so unlike Magic which is hard as hell to get your old cards out and use with other people ... years after that set has grown obsolete. This game looks like even if it doesn't become collectible for someone (and I hope it doesn't for me honestly) its a nice "board game" style purchase that can go on the shelf and be used years later. So I'm all in on this one instead of jumping back on the tired old magic bandwagon.

Quick updates on a few other projects:

Warhammer Online ... du duuu duuuuuuuhnnnnnn ... I'm done. It was somewhat fun but I just couldn't stay focused on the game itself due to extremely low player populations, poor community for new players and a really rather glitchy, half-done looking game. I wanted to love it, I wanted to be able to tell everyone its better than World of Warcraft ... but alas I can not. So I bid a fond farewell to Warhammer Online and likely forever (unless they did some amazing revamp of the game with a huge expansion).

ORKS!!  I AM DONE DONE DONE!! With Phase I ... just lazy about getting pics up (sorry). Actually I've been having trouble with my camera and might need to replace it. Hopefully I can get some completed phase one pics up by next week and some shots of my phase II stuff.


Alexander Man said...

The "Invasion" looks and sounds interesting... Have to check it out ;)

Will said...

gratz on finishing your Phase I- looking forward to some pics. I was so tempted to pick up Invasion at neoncon, but figured it could wait so I could get a bit of a discount. Hope you will reveiw when you get it.