Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Well this just looked interesting enough to take the plunge.  It looks like a fun sort of light RPG/story telling game.  It just sounds really fun.  The components look decent and for $23.00 US on Amazon (with free shipping thanks to Prime) it didn't break the bank.

I'm going to try to get it out once I get it and get a few rounds of play and then I'll be running it at my annual summer Microcon.  LARRYCON!  Which will be in its fifth year this year! LARRCON V!!!!!

Here is a lil' promo video: 

Here is a great unboxing video on it: 
Here is a round of play:


Alexander Man said...

That looks like a great game! You just have to have a right group for it... Grumpy "live to win" players are not much of a story tellers.

The Lord of Excess said...

Yes you have to have more of a narrative story driven group to pull this one off. I still haven't played it but from what I've seen in the box, people have to have a shared experience attitude rather than a me vs. you ... I'm going to "win" attitude.

In my home gaming group I have a mix of people who like to competitively play games and people who just want to be more casual and have fun.

This would certainly be more fun with the later category of people and when I do finally get this one out, it will be with that sort of player.

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