Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool Mini or Not takes over Tabletop Gaming News ... sad times :(

Cool Mini or Not takes over TGN ... sad times :(

What one says?  How can you say that!  Cool Mini or not is great!!

No ... no ... it certainly is not.  I know I'll be in the small minority of people who are displeased about this news but let me explain my angst.

Cool mini or not is a money making enterprise, they are part and parcel with the Dark Age Miniatures company which is owned by David Doust the guy who ran New Wave minis back in the day.  New wave was a terribly run site that basically took peoples money and wouldn't send them the product they'd purchased. It was so bad that they went out of business and they were in a position as a company to dominate online tabletop gaming sales ... if only they'd been run by a person with any business sense.  Dark Age has been horribly run for years and yes I know they are trying to re-launch the game entirely right now.  We'll see how that goes I wish them luck.

I'll make a prediction that alot more is said about Dark Age and everything else starts to go down hill.  I will likely un-bookmark the site and look to other sources for news about minis.  Hopefully something similar rises from the inevitable ashes.


Mik said...

Thanks for the enlightenment. I was snookered by New Wave back in the day, ordered about fifty bucks worth of Heavy Gear figs only to have them never show up. About a year and a hundred emails later, literally, I got a single Heavy Gear blister pack which was never part of my original order to begin with.

People need to know this stuff.

The Lord of Excess said...
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The Lord of Excess said...

I had the same experience and I've literally talked to probably twenty different people over the years who had the same experience. Meaning he must have swindled hundreds of people if not thousands. This same guy is in charge of cool mini or not, Dark Age and soon TGN ... so I'll act with my wallet and avoid his enterprises in the future

Killdrath said...

Larry and friends.

Yeah, the owner of CMoN has a ...checkered... history, but I have occasion to know several of the newer executive members of their team, and am very good friends with Ross, the guy who is nominally in charge of the TGN takeover. Ross is a great guy, used to work at Privateer Press. Yeah, you'll probably see Dark Age on TGN, but you will also see Relic Knight (GORGEOUS models), Super Dungeon Explore, Dystopian Wars, and a few others that escape my memory right now. These are just some of the games I've seen CMoN running events for in the two conventions I've ran game demos for them so far.

Dont give up on TGN yet.