Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jawas Gone Wild!!

Well this weekend has brought about a very unexpected turn of events ... our 3.5 group lost a couple members due to changing work schedules (Saturday no longer an option for them) ... and rather than not game on that day we decided to bring in a few new players and fire up a Saga Edition Star Wars game! I haven't played in a Star Wars game since the 3.0 version. So we rolled up characters and I was surprised you could play as a JAWA!! Well at that point I was all in!

Thus far the party includes a hero droid (revived by the exiled Jawas in the party) and a yet to be determined character. I'm looking forward to the game for however long it lasts ... I'm sure it will be hilarious. A little departure from D&D will be nice too ... as I've had two ongoing D&D games running since last fall ... so a little break from that will be nice.

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Bodlar said...

Yay star wars gnomes!